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JPEPA: Para saan, para kanino?
ISBN NO: 978-971-94004-0-0

This background-analytical paper is a contribution of the Fair Trade Alliance (FairTrade) to the healthy debate on the Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA) by giving the public balanced information. In 2005-2006, FairTrade was the first to raise the lack of reliable information on JPEPA, whose text was being withheld by our negotiators from the prying eyes of the public. Now that the text is out (submitted to the Senate), the same negotiators are trying to confuse the good Senators and the public by exaggerating the alleged benefits of the treaty and by even raising the threat that non-ratification will condemn the Philippines to perpetual backwardness. It is like asking a person to sign a contract while a gun is cocked at the person’s temple, or asking a nation to welcome the terms of a colonizing power for it is in the best interest of the colony.

Through this paper, FairTrade is trying to fill up the deficit in information, especially on critical areas of the economy where the government negotiators made questionable commitments or failed to raise appropriate defensive measures for the Philippines.

Finding the Missing Women: Trade Issues from a Gender Perspective (2007)
Edited by Jeanne Frances Illo and Dr. Rosalinda Pineda Ofreneo
Sponsored by Fair Trade Alliance (FairTrade) and Department of Women and Development Studies, College of Social Work and Community Development, University of the Philippines-Diliman

In the Philippine context, trade is usually talked about in gender-neutral terms. Even among fair trade advocacy groups such as FairTrade, the discourse has centered on the interests of the nation versus those of the dominant economic powers ensconced in the WTO and other multilateral institutions. One positive development, however, is the incresing openness on the part of these groups, particularly FairTrade, to gender issues, resulting from stronger gender advocacy from within and outside the alliance. Thus, this compilation of various research papers by distinguished scholars in the trade advocacy movement echoing the role of women in international trade.

List of papers:

  • Gender, Trade and Government Policies: A Framework for Assessing Philippine Experience
  • Imported Onions Make Women Farmers Weep
  • Gender and Market Access in the Seaweed Industry
  • Gender, Trade and the Footwear Industry
  • Trade in Audiovisual Services: Negotiating the Issues of Redistribution, Cultural Diversity and Gender Equality
  • Gender, Migration and GATS Mode 4
  • Trade and Gender Issues in the Access of Antiretrovirals (ARVs) in the Philippines
  • Bringing Gender into the Trade and Development Discourse and Agenda

Nationalist Development Agenda: A Roadmap for Economic Revival, Growth and sustainability (2006)
ISBN NO. 978-971-9636-9-9

In today’s globalized world, nations survive , grow and develop based on their national interests and the pursuit of their own development priorities. The only way a country can combat globalization’s ill effects is by assiduously taking care of its own development agenda, or by observing economic nationalism, for no country or foreign group would do it for the Philippines. Hence, this report on the Nationalist Development Agenda (NDA), a FairTrade project which seeks to outline the root causes of the Philippine economic malaise and the alternative nationalist road to survival, recovery and sustained development.

Trade Unions (TUs) and Nongovernment Organizations (NGOs) challenge General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS): Regional Conference on GATS (2005)
Compiled by the FairTrade Secretariat
Sponsored by Fair Trade Alliance (FairTrade), Union Network International – Asia Pacific Regional Office (UNI-APRO), Union Network International – Philippine Liaison Council (UNI-PLC) and Asia Monitor Resource Center (AMRC)
ISBN NO. 978-971-9636-0-6

A FairTrade publication which contains the proceedings of the regional conference on ‘People’s Stakes in the GATS Talks: Challenges for Trade Unions and Nongovernment Organizations’ organized by the Fair Trade Alliance (FairTrade), Union Network International – Asia Pacific Regional Office (UNI-APRO), Union Network International – Philippine Liaison Council (UNI-PLC) and Asia Monitor Resource Center (AMRC). This report contains pressing issues surrounding the GATS debate: Update on the state of the GATS talks, positions of key stakeholders in the ongoing GATS/WTO talks, and a labor-NGO policy agenda that serves as a basis for dialogue with government negotiators and regional institutions.

Technology “Laddering”, Blending and Clustering: Lessons and Experiences from Several Asian Countries (2005)
By Dr. Donna L. Doane
ISBN NO. 978-971-9636-1-3

This research report by distinguished economist Dr. Donna L. Doane clearly shows that countries develop by consciously climbing the industrial and technological ladder through a complex combination of protection, promotion, competition, experimentation and blending policies, all undertaken in the name of industrial and technological capacity development. The report concludes that without such a comprehensive program of capacity development, there is no way a country can move forward, especially in the era of economic globalization.

A Nation in Crisis:
Agenda for Survival (2004)

Compiled by FairTrade Youth Volunteers
Edited by Ms. Ember Cruz, Ms. Mars Mendoza and Dr. Rene Ofreneo
Sponsored by Fair Trade Alliance (FairTrade), Office of the Vice-President, Republic of the Philippines, United Nations Development Programme
ISBN NO. 978-971-9636-2-0

This book–a compilation of the resolutions, highlights and major papers of the national conference on ‘A Nation in Crisis: Agenda for survival’ held in January 2003–explains why the Philippine economic malaise has persisted and why majority of our people are caught in a vicious cycle of unemployment, poverty, misery and backwardness. The conference is a searing indictment of why we seem to be sinking deeper in an economic quagmire, especially under globalization. But the conference does more than that. It shows the way out of the crisis.

Fair trade not free trade! (2003)
ISBN NO. 978-971-9636-8-2
Compiled by FairTrade Secretariat

This compilation of FairTrade’s position papers, monographs and researches is an invitation to join the movement for fair and just trade in support of a balanced, progressive and sustainable national economy.


FairTrade Monograph Series

WTO Ministerial in Hong Kong Still limited gains, Still huge imbalances (2006)
ISBN NO. 978-971-9636-4-4

WTO-MC6: Can DDR Deliver Development? Choices and Challenges for RP in the HK MC6 (2005)
ISBN NO. 978-971-9636-5-1

Tariff Recalibration: Tariff review should lead to the re-calibration of trade measures in support of local industry and jobs (2005)
ISBN NO. 978-971-9636-3-7

Stop De-Industrialization, Recalibrate Philippine Tariffs Now! Omnibus Paper on MFN Tariffs, Trade Liberalization and Economic Development (2003)

Cancun: Defining and Asserting the National Interests (2003)

(updated January 07, 2008)


FairTrade Publications are available at: Popular Bookstore, Book Trends Enterprises, Linangan Books Trading, Great Books, Rare Books and Solidaridad Bookstore.

Contact us here to place orders:

3/f Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement Headquarters
#56 Mo. Ignacia St. cor. Dr. Lascano, Quezon City
(+632) 372 49 91 to 92 local 30 – (+632) 372 39 24


  1. Philip Dann

    Dear Fair Trade,
    My name is Philip Dann, a freelance journalist and videographer based in Japan. I am trying to make a 10 minute piece about the JPEPA. I want to find someone in the Philippines I can interview who can tell me about the unfairness of this flawed and one-sided agreement.
    I’d be grateful if you could introduce me to someone.
    Best regards,
    Philip Dann

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