Downloadables from FairTrade RTD on RP-China farm deals

Here are the papers/presentation of Fair Trade Alliance (FairTrade) and Foodfirst Information and Action Network (FIAN)’s roundtable discussion on the Philippines-China farm agreeements held at PRRM Headquarters last March 30, 2007:

Various papers distributed during the event from PEACE Foundation and UNORKA

Roundtable discussion on the Philippines – China Farm Agreements
Round table discussion program
Philippines, China to sign 19 farm deals totaling P240B
Manila sets to sign $4.9-B worth of farm deals with China


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    […] like ‘what did the DA do in immediate response to the calamities?’). Hmmm, thinking of RP-China agreement. And you have the DA Secretary being once again hit for this controversial move (there were already […]

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